FP 4 - Bluetooth Headset Connects, but is not Playing the Sound after Upgrade to Android 12


After the upgrade a few weeks ago, I found that my headphones didn’t work any more. In the forum I saw that there was a bug causing problems with bluetooth, but the latested software update, where it was said to be fixed, did not help in my case. The problem: the two are pairing, but instead of playing the music, I hear ticking (like a watch) in the headphones, but the phone itself is silent, as if connected properly… I un-paired and re-paired but the problem remains. Is that the bug that was not solved for all after the update, as I read in the forum, and I “just” need to wait for another update? Or is that somehting else and I need to look into my devices more deeply, connect support etc?

Thank you and greetings from Berlin,

Missed to mention: it is a Marshall Major III.

Hi and welcome. As you might have read its not all fixed, what codec does the headphones use and do the workarounds not help you?


Thanks for your quick reply. I’m not sure what codec means, and how to find out what my headphone use. And I did not find the thread you linked. I will check and let you know.

Yay, figured it out, with the help of the link to the old thread. Just in case someone else is having the issue and is as helpless as I was: I had to pair the devices, then I saw the Settings icon on the list of available bluetooth devices and could un-click HD-Audio. That did the trick!

Thanks again, Yv!


Perfect that the workaround works, I will close here for further updates just follow the other topic.

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