FP 4 & 5 become slow on low charge


Both my fp4 and my brother’s fp5 become almost unusably slow under approximately 10% charge. Why is this, and (how) can it be remediated?

battery is low and the phones try to last as long as can till full discharge


@Furdiburd, but I don’t want it to do that — I always have a battery pack on me, so it losing its charge isn’t a problem. At the very least, I use my smartphone for some rather critical things, so I need it to respond in a timely manner, and my Pixel doesn’t do this.

does the same thing happen when you disable the battery saver?

@noodlejetski, I don’t have battery saver enabled. Battery saver does make it act like I’ve described, which makes the fact that it slows with it disabled even more perplexing.

Not able to really help. Probably also you considered this; anyway, what i would do as a workaround in your situation (as far as i get it you strive mostly for consistency);

enable battery saver and set it to the percentage where the phone gets slow (you mentioned 10%). Why? because you get a very prominent indicator (red battery icon)

As soon as you see that icon, switch in the good battery.

This way you loose 10% battery, but the workflow is the same as for having the battery run out of power. A solution would be of course better.

If you rely on certain apps to work you might also be able to add exclusions for those. Just enable the battery saver all the time and if you can make the apps work in that scenario, it might be that you get consistent performance and as bonus longer battery life.

The Power management restrictions android applies might also give a hint if what you need is possible: Power management restrictions  |  App quality  |  Android Developers power

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I do need a new battery — having it constantly charging obviously rather quickly destroys it. I’ll consult the threads linked at External universal chargers for Fairphone batteries to see whether charging some batteries alongside the primary one is viable. It’s a very good idea that I’ve been procrastinating researching.

Many thanks., @AxelFFF.

I’m also experiencing the slowness below 10% battery. And I can attest, it’s not the battery saver mode. Disabling it despite the low charge, does help a little. But something is very wrong with this behaviour.
Having battery saver enabled above 10% battery doesnt impact the performance basically at all.

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