FP 3+ doesn't turn on

Hi guys, anyone having this trouble before and willing to help ? after charching it doesn’t turn on any more. Just the blue point appear and nothing happens… Do you know a solution for that problem ? I am unable to use it at all at the moment… Really expensive experiment this phone.

Have you managed to find this resource?

Was hoping there is another way around that. I already reset the phone 3 times, because I had some trouble with the camera before…

As you seem to have several issues with your device I would have tried re-installing device firmware as a pre-cursor to returning it to Fairphone if still problems:

Thanks! Not even rebooting is working, I think I will sent it in.

What happens if the phone is connected to the charger? What charger and cable do you use?

It is charging, battery is fully loaded it says. I am using a Hama charger, which got all the configurations asked for.