FP 3 dies when attaching to loading cable

Dear people,
i have a really big problem, I’m out for 3 months in a foreign country, with little acces to internet. last week when i tried to charge my FP 3 the phone directly died and the flashlight started giving light( even when i turned the phone off!!). the phone did not charge at all. there was only 30% left in the battery so i opened the phone and removed the rear camera so the battery did not drain completely. After removing the camera i started up the phone and tried to charge, again the phone directly went out and no charging. Even when the phone is completely shut down, the battery discharges!! Luckely i had a multi charger with me, so i can shortly use my phone and get the battery out of the phone and recharge (takes about 10 hours to recharge). When i use my phone the battery is completely empty within about 3 hours, normaly before this is was about 1,5 day.
I left a post for the support team (11 days ago) and until now NO Answer!!!
can anybody help!!!

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What happened before?
Water, heat, fallen, … ?

completely nothing no falling no water no heat no nothing
just out of the bleu

There is an electrical short circuit in one of the components, or the battery itself has blown.

Battery did not blow, i can still charge the battery with my multicharger and it gets to about 80%.
probably short cut

Either you have enough components to test out or you need to keep pushing the support

Next time when you start try in #dic:safemode to see if its any installed app draining battery

Do you use a SD card and how is it formatted? Take out SIM cards before you start

Edit: corrected safemode tag

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hi ,
tried to follow your link to safemode but there was no page to read how to start in save mode, try your self it says “oops no page”, on the page from th women who made it
tried to start up without sims, same problem.
sd card i use, i use it from the beginning and really do not know how it then was formatted

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Do you have an eject button next to the SD card which would mean its formatted external/mobile? If so also take this out

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tried startup without sims and sd, same problem.
tried start up in safe mode, same problem.
a bad app will not produce lighting up the flash light when the phone is complettely shut down.
so i think a bad usb module?

As you removed the camera you might want to remove the USB module and clean contacts, also carefully clean the port from debris. even if you are not at home, maybe someone with an FP3 is close, like a #fairphoneangel to test bottom modul and/or battery.

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If it’s possible from the foreign country where you currently are, then I’d recommend to try calling support. It might speed up your urgent support case.

Allready did that when i removed the camera.
in Botswana the never heard of the brand Fairphone, im traveling around here and do not stay in any city, zo changes are little that there is a fairphone angel here.
but thanks for everything

Water or dampness can be a problem. Fine dust can leave residue hard to see and then collects damp and leaves oily coating or as time passes the gold on the contacts wear and the copper substrate corrodes. It’s not easy to see without a good magnifying glass etc.


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