🇳🇱 FP 2 stops working after update

Ik werk zelf niet bij Fairphone, maar ik geef je een hele goede kans dat je op korte termijn langs kunt komen.

Reply to all who suffer with this a not working fair phone 2

Straight away contact CS form fair phone so you can return your phone.
Donor waist time with all the steps.
Donor buy microcard and see if it works since it will not if you didi not already put it in there.

Since returning and getting a new phone can take one till two weeks.

You cannot pass by their office in Amsterdam.
And hope you still have all the numbers since reading imei number on side of your phone unless you have midget eyes, you cannot read this.

Thanks Lidiwien for all your advice but this is a DOA phone.
My advice? leave the problem where it came from.

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