FP 2 - speaker does not work (but earpiece is fine)

Hello dear community,

The speaker on my FP2 stopped working a few days ago - no trauma or liquid on the phone, it just stopped working (so no ringtone, sound on video/music files, alarm etc ; telephone earpiece is fine though). I’ve tried some of the suggestions on this thread Sound not working at all - e.g. cleared the cache and deinstalled apps that were flagged by other people with sound issues. No improvement though.

I’m a little challenged when it comes to tech but would really like to learn. If this is a hardware issue how do I clean or change the speakers? I found this instruction on fixit
https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Fairphone+2+Headphone+Module+Replacement/55049 which seems to include the speakers. Is that correct?

Thanks for your help!

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You have probably run the speaker test in Checkup (Settings > Maintenance > Checkup), right? :slight_smile:

If that confirmed the issue and the other components in the top module work (I guess your headline suggests ear/head phones work, so I assume the top module is working apart from the speaker, but to be sure; you could still test the front/“selfie” camera as well), you might need to contact Fairphone Support about it. You might just get a replacement top module (not the speaker alone) if you qualify for warranty.

Thanks for this (and yes, have done the tests in maintenance section :slight_smile: your help is very much appreciated, wasn’t quite sure when to contact their support… will get in touch with them now.

I’m also having a speaker problem - I just replaced the bottom module (again) yesterday to fix a broken primary microphone, but since then the speaker doesn’t work - so I can’t hear videos, alarm or speakerphone unless I have a headphone set plugged in. Not sure if the two things might be connected although it looks like they’re totally separate modules?

Hi Imogen, actually after consulting with FP support they said the problem probably is with the bottom module; still waiting to receive the replacement though so can’t say whether that’ll fix things. No alarm, videos, ringtone… sigh (but on the bright side you get very alert to the vibrations :).

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Removing and replacing the new bottom module seems to have fixed it for me this time.

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