FP 2 randomly disconnects SIM cards

Since yesterday evening, my Fairphone 2 with FP OS build 19.11.2 randomly asks for both my SIM pins again every few minutes without rebooting. This means that I have to constantly check my phone to make sure I am not randomly offline.
I have two SIM cards, one Youfone: NL and one Congstar: DE. They have been working fine until yesterday.
I have made no changes/installed anything before the problems started to appear. Also, there has been no OS update recently.
Has anybody else had problems with this recently?

This might be a problem with the SIM wobbling and not being wedged in properly. You could try to put a little piece of paper to stick it in, as said here:

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I don’t think the SIM cards are loose, they seem to be wedged in pretty firmly. I don’t see anything additional, like paper or cardboard, fitting in there as well.
And it would be a bit unlikely for both SIM card slots to be affected at the same time as well, wouldn’t it?

You are right, it’s probably not this. Though trying won’t harm :man_shrugging:

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