FP 2 problems: very slow and sim card not detected


I have some problems with my FP 2.
My FP 2 is very slow since August 2023.
Moreover, frequently, my FP 2 also does not detect the sim card for no apparent reason. I have to restart it and then, the sim card is detected (for some hours or days).

I tried a factory reset and the problems are still the same (FP 2 very slow and sometimes sim card not detected).

If I insert another sim card, it is not detected too.

Do you have any idea to solve these problems ?


Hi and welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Are you using a SD card? If so, is it formatted as Portable or as internal memory expansion?

Please also indicate your OS build number: go to
Settings > About phone > Build number

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

I am not using any SD card.
OS build number: 23.02.0-rel.0

I am using Fairphone 2 without simcard. I experience it to be awfully slow when the battery is low (energy saving mode?) With full battery it is well usable here.

Can you check whether Energy saving mode is off? And maybe do another check: Check out, if it is slow also when the temperature of the phone is low (mine gets hot at startup, for example. Let it cool down and try if the problem persists).

OK so you’re running the last version of FPOS for the FP2. As I expect you know, there will be no more releases, and using unmaintained software will increasingly expose you to security risks. Other OS are available such as /e/ if you’re interested.

To get back to your problems of slowness and SIM recognition, they may well be related. How old is the SIM card?
Could you try removing the SIM and then booting the phone to see if it runs faster?

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Thank you.
I try to use my phone with the Energy saving mode off and when the temperature of the phone is low. It’s a little bit faster but still very slow.

I know for the unmaintained software.

The SIM card is old: 4 or 6 years.
I used recently my phone without SIM card several weeks and it was still slow.
I will try to remove the SIM and booting the phone.

Would you like to do a real-life-benchmark, so we can see if any FP2 is remarkably faster than yours?
For example:

  • Make battery full
  • restart your phone. Let it cool down.

Benchmark (Use a stopwatch to time how long these steps take)

  1. Start google calendar
  2. create an appointment in the calendar for tonight at 8pm - 9pm with the name aaa
  3. start SMS app
  4. write an sms to yourself

Benchmark 2

Do the same again. Now it could be faster, since the apps have already been loaded into RAM.

At last
Post the time of Bechmark 1 and Benchmark 2 here.

For me the results are:
1st Benchmark: 50sec; 2nd Benchmark: 24 sec

But, some hour earlier I waited for Google calendar to start nearly 1 minute. Not quite sure what the reason was.

I tried several times these 2 benchmarks.
The results are:
1st Benchmark: 45sec; 2nd Benchmark: 29 sec.

So I guess my FP2 is not so slow.