FP 2 frozen after inst. FP Open

Yesterday I downloaded the newest version of FP Open. After “Restart” I saw, that the software was installed. Then followed autom. a restart and that was it! Frozen with “FAIRPHONE and POWERED BY android” on the display. I had to take out the battery. I have no idea, what to do. I’m using ubuntu 14.04 on my notebook. No connection via usb.
Hope for help!

just reflash the fairphone open manual package.
it has a script flash.bat / flash.sh

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Sorry, I didn’t write, that I’m a simple user. I need an explanation like a baby just start walking. I came one step forward reading somewhere, that to flash or reflash you have to hold the volume UP button pushed and then push the on button. I succeeded so far, but what’s next?

Vol down + Power on gets you to the bootloader mode, where you can use fastboot to flash images (the flash.sh/flash.bat script included in the manual zip uses the fastboot command for you)

Vol up + Power on gets you to the Android recovery mode. Use Volume buttons to move the selection and Power button to select. You can select Reboot to bootloader option to go to the above explained mode.

¡Hola Roboe!
Thanks for the quick answer. Unfortunately it didn’t work. I understand, I have to start with the second paragraph?
Using the UP button etc. I get to the menu (photo) with the option “reboot to bootloader”. Using this option the result is also a frozen display.
When I push the DOWN button in stead of the UP button, it seams as if there is no function pushing and holding the button. I then push the ON button, it boots and freeze.

Yes, please Switch off your FP2.
Press PowerOn + Vol-

You will see Firephone logo and nothing else.
Its ok. Now you can flash with fastboot


As @explit indicated, that’s how it should be. The display is not frozen, but it’s in fastboot mode. You then have to connect your phone to the PC via a USB cable and use fastboot from the command line to flash a new image. Please search the forum (e.g. for “fastboot”) for how to do this.


Sorry, but I didn’t get more than a single step forward. Meanwhile I tried by ubuntu how to get a USB connection to the FP2, but unfortunately the solution wasn’t successful. After a while I saw the possibility to use the command “supply update from sdcard”. I downloaded the latest vision of FP Open on a SD-card and I was able to install the OS and afterwards it was possible to connect the phone to my ubuntu OS on my notebook. :slight_smile:

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