FP 2 Factory Reset: What OS will be on the phone afterwards?

I am planning to hand on my FP2 to somebody else. This will most probably include a factory reset to clear the phone from data.
What will be the status of the FP2 after doing a factory reset? Which version of the OS will there be on the phone? Currently I have Android 7.1.2, Build 19.08.1 When I got it, Android 6 was installed.
Unfortunately I could not find this information in any of the topics here.

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Afaik it should now fall back to the stock Android 7.1.2 not Android 6.
But I am not sure if any further updates/builds will be included. It could remain in the initial Android 7 version having cleared all the afterwards updates.

There are also some threads available here on this subject using the search function. Maybe go back about one year as Android 7 was released for the FP2. Back then there were users wanting to downgrade again asking the same questions regarding Android 6.

A factory reset on the Fairphone 2 will only delete Apps and user data, it will not touch the OS.

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To summarise:

After a factory reset this will still be the OS version.

Make sure to perform the reset from within Android (as opposed to from recovery), as otherwise the person you’re giving the device to will not be able to use it. See the “Google Security Feature” chapter in the guide linked in the post above.


Thank you. Makes things clear.
Just to be sure: is performing the reset “from within Android” (as you recommend) the same as what is stated in the guide you mention : " If you are planning on selling the phone, execute the factory reset from the Settings menu" ?

Yes, that’s what I mean.

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