FP 2 Displays transplant

Hello everybody,

are there some experiences outside with transplanting Fp2 Display glass?
I got one display with a water damage and one with a broken glass, so the idea was to transplant the working electronics to glass. Is that possible or just an unrepairable double damage?

Thanx a lot

Hallo zusammen,

habe je ein FP2 Display modul, eins mit Glassbruh und eins mit Wasserschaden. Lassen sich die Gläser tascuhen, sodass ich eine funktionierende Einheit habe? In Repaisshops schütteln sie den Kopf und sagen es ginge nicht weil die Gläser verklebt sind und beim Erhitzen des Kleber das Glas springen könnte.

Kann mir auch vorstellen beide Komponenten zur verfügung zu stellen, falls wer Erfahrungen sammeln mag, vielleicht gelingt es ja wem die Transplantation durchzuführen und mir so eine funktionierende Einheit zu verschaffen…

Lieben Dank

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Hi Andreas,

first of all welcome to our community! :slight_smile:

When Fairphone originally launched the FP1 years ago, there was a lot of hoping they could realize this wish and they did look into this. However, they quickly had to acknowledge that this is virtually unachievable. From what I remember, it would take a dust-free laboratory environment, highly specialized tools/equipment and incredibly elaborated efforts to realize this. I haven’t heard of any repair shops either that would be able to realize this.

It’s very regretable, but it seems that it is simply beyond realistically possible.


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