FP 2 --> Android is starting ... Optimizing app X of N --> starting Android --> stuck

My FP2 wont start up any more.
After rebooting my FP2 i insert my pin. Next screen says “Android is starting… Optimizing app X of N” after waiting an hour or so it says “Android is starting… staring Android” then nothing happens.

Any suggestions ?

You’ll need to do a hard reset

U’r kidding me right ?
any known reasons for this behavior? Do i have to do a Hard Reset on every Reboot?
Whats with my Data on the device?

Next thing is how do i get into recovery mode respectively do a hard reset?

See here: Recovery Mode

This usually happens if some system files are corrupted.

What does [quote=“paulakreuzer, post:5, topic:12175”]
usually happens
[/quote] means.
Is this a known issue, is this a os issue or does it have something to do with any apps i installed/used (i used only play store apps)?

Also i read something about “don’t reboot your phone with a connected usb cable” is this also an issue?

It’s not a known issue.
On FP1 it happened e.g. if you used root access to edit or delete an important system file.
Since FP2 is not rooted an app shouldn’t be able to cause such trouble, unless it’s malware.
Another possible cause would be an operating system update or change gone wrong.
I have no idea what could have caused this for.

Hey @paulakreuzer so i was able to enter the recovery mode by removing the usb connection to a computer and just hook up the phone to a normal charger.
Next thing i wiped the cache partiotion. After this i rebooted the phone and it worked.
So Phone is back up and running again without a hard reset.
To avoid data loss is there a possibillity to backup the complete phone?


You may be interested in this discussion of FP2 backup solutions.

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Cool. I’m glad it ended happily for you! :smile: