FP 2/3/... Modules & Wishlist meta discussion

First, the autonomy of the fp2 has to be improved. I think it’s its main wreak point. As soon as it might be reasonable, let’s use a new generation of battery. If not, then it might be good to give two options for the buyers : normal limited battery, or thicker one with a special cover, as proposed before.

An other nice extra accessory would be a waterproof protection box which stands 5 bar pressure, linked to the camera button which allows divers to make underwater photos and videos, like with a gopro.

For the next fairphone, I think a 100% modular cell phone like this would be really great ! Customizable according to the need of everyone !

Ehm, am a dreaming too deeply ? If so, just let me know :wink:

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I would also like to have a better rear camera!
My last smartphone was an iPhone 5S and it’s camera was very good.
The FP2 has a very bad camera compared with current smartphones.

A solar screen would be also very nice but there are already solar modules to load devices over USB.

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i think it:
when you buy your fairphone you can select all your part (like what processor , how many ram, how many storage , camera ecc.).
and a solar pannel cover that can charge your phone with solar!

so when you recive your phone you have to make them.
i don t want to buy my fairphone already assembled!

I like the Idea.
Here a thread about this issue:

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Is there any chance for a hardware qwerty for FP2? I’m so yearning for something reasonable with a hardware keyboard, in vain. Virtually nothing in the last two or three years.

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A amoled screen for the FP2 will be so great (the main advantage is about power consumption)!


The problem is that hardware keyboards need a lot of space that is taken from the screen. A friend of mine has a Blackberry and is now quite unhappy about having a huge phone with a tiny screen. Maybe a bluetooth or USB-OTG keyboard could do the trick for you. I’m quite sure that there are small devices, made explicitely for smartphones…

Of course, a solid hardware keyboard constrains the screen estate. It’s why the Samsung Galaxy S6 keyboard cover is not a real alternative.

But I’m talking about a slide-out keyboard. A slide-out keyboard is a charm! Doesn’t take much space, doesn’t have such small keys. It’s there whenever needed.


I would prefer

  • a larger battery and a customized back cover to retain it. I gladly would accept ugliness to any extend :wink:, but I’d also like a translucent cover to show the cause oft the added bulkiness.
  • a camera module with higher resolution and a good enough lens, though I’m confident with the current one. I think it is sharper and less distorted than the (far too wide angle) camera of my Xperia Z5 but that is not hard to do…
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I would prefer a propane fuel cell battery replacement. Quick to refuel and very long stand-by times.


A connector for an external antenna to improve signal in areas of bad mobile coverage. Following the Fairphone philosophy this should be a standard connector like SMA or an equivalent.

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I wish for a bottom module with an improved quality of the USB port, so I won’t need to change it every few months. :wink:

Quite happy with my FP2…just some remarks:

  • batterylife is definitely a huge problem !
  • photos are mediocre ! especialy zooming :dizzy_face:
  • cover is not so well adjusted, fragile and expensive ! (they could offer 1 additionnal cover ?)
  • really bulky…don t try to add a extra-cover would be like a brick !
  • and a stupid one: hard to recognize in a blick top from bottom on the front face (Fairphone marking could more visible ??) :sweat_smile:

–> it seems that a new photo module is underway and pretty easy to implement (for us as customer)
–> for batterylife issu…I don t see how they can make it better :no_mouth:
–> i really would like more customized cover possibilities (colors, flip cover !)
best cover ever from S5:

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knowing the modular concept of the Fairphone, I would be very interested in buying high performance components in replacement of the standard ones. Like a battery with more capacity, a camera with higher resolution, etc. Of course it would be more expensive, but every customer could decide for himself which component he needs.
It can be also low performance components for the ones willing to save money on a particular function. It is like a personalized configuration of one’s phone. I think it would fit perfectly in the concept of modularity and optimization of lifetime. Is it something on which the company is working on?


Fairphone has confirmed a couple of times by now that they are working on a better camera module. Having just released new covers, they actually said that the new camera module would be the next thing.

Regarding battery, I would guess it’s hard to increase the capacity without increasing the size of the battery. So I’m a bit sceptical that a higher-capacity battery would be possible and still fit into the existing battery slot. The only gains to be made here would probably be increasing the overall energy-efficiency of the FP2.


Hopefully it gets better with Android6.0 next year (it has been advertised for the second half of this year!). Another step would be to offer an organic light-emitting diode screen (OLED), which saves energy and has some more eye friendly characteristics.


I switched recently to FairphoneOpenOS and it is a HUGE improvement regarding battery drainage :smile: (+25 to 50% gain)
Usage is strictly identical…you can reinstall GooglePlayStore afterwards (sometime mandatory with some apps :rage: )
I don t believe there is so much to wait on Android6.0 or 7.0 or 8.52 regarding this aspect. :triumph:

Funny is to see here on the very specific forum with hardcore-user/geek people what trully people expect from their smartphone:

  • nobody speaks about CPU and ram
  • a good screen…which FP2 already has…maybe juste AMOLED for energy reasons
  • better camera module in option…lot of people don t need better, some are really photo-addicted…FP2 modularity is absolutely great for this case :innocent:
  • BATTERY…THE MAIN REQUEST…the one that none of actual main manufacterers adress, they prefer to reduce thickness even if consumers don t ask for :cold_sweat:

hope there will be in the coming years a breakthrough in battery tech :sparkler: I am pretty confident that Fairphone will be quick to provide new batteries for our old FP unlike main manufacterers :yum:

why not selling as accessory a recharging USB solarpanel device ? (at a “fair” price…not like actual covers…27€:rage:)

I would like it very much to have a second USB connection at the top side of the phone (of course both as USB-C connectors!)! Some times it is very unfunctional to have the phone connected at the bottom. If I would have these both, I would use the top one most.

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