FP 1 Battery is dead - please help me to get a new battery

I´m really sad. That my fairphone is not usable anymore - and the only reason is that the battery is not working. It´s a old battery but i not willing to buy a new phone - only because of this is case. Everything is working so fine.

So please, if someone has a working battery for the FP1 I would be so happy again.

Please please let me know…


Well, if all else fails … heed the warning at the beginning though …


Thank you for your fast anwser. It this works, I would be so relieved.
I try and hope the best.

Thanks to you.
Wish you the best.


I can assure you, it does work.

YES! It perfectly works. I can´t believe it.
Thank you so much. That´s really great solution!