[Found] Looking for non-functioning FP2

We need it for workshops on sustainable electronics; to show what modularity means. Germany.

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I added the “Giveaway” sub-category (even though it’s not perfectly correct) to your request because without a secondary category your topic would become invisible to many forum users.

On a different note, I recommend to specify who “We” are so people can be more assured they are supporting a worthwhile cause.

Hi Urs, thanks.

We’d be willing to pay a little sum and the mailing expenses.

Can I change the post? Probably better to just complete it.

Whilst I have an example with non-functional core-module and 8/2 MP camera modules, it’s screen is only mildly scratched so is still useful for emergency as second most expensive component. I don’t know whether any one else has a cracked display module so that you could make up a complete phone?


Hi, If you’re still looking, I have a non-functioning FP2. The only thing I don’t have is the battery. (The core module is broken, everything else is still functional.)

Please do contact me if you’re interested.

London, Uk

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Hi Jess, as we need them only as demonstration objects, it is not important that they work. Would it be ok if we pay mailing expenses + 20 Euro (for the hustle to bring the package to the post office)?

Hi there, thanks for the proposal - we only need the phones as a demonstration objects in our “sustainable electronics” workshops, so there is no problem if they are damaged. Would you agree to let us have it for 20 € + mailing expenses?

That’s fine. It’s just gathering dust at the moment. I’d be happy for it to find some use! Please PM me your details.

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Hi Jess, me again - I have difficulties using the forum and making the difference between PMs and open posts :slight_smile:
I wanted to say thanks!