FOSS Music Player playing M3U?

Hi, I’m looking for a music player accepting playlist files.

I want to download a playlist (plus music files, of course) from my laptop where I use the Clementine player (tried M3U for now, but other formats possible) to my phone, and have a widget to play this playlist.

I’ve tried some players now (phonograph, MP3 player as recommended by amoun here, Music Player Lite, … and more), but they all do not handle the M3U file - either they are not registered to handle it (i.e., are not offered by the file manager), they crash when selected as app in file manager, or they start but ignore the selected playlist). A playlist widget exists with the Phonograph app, but that’s one which crashes frequently (at least on FPOOS).

Is there an app you can recommend?

Thanks a lot,

VLC Player can normally handle everything


Just to confirm this, I used a self-compiled m3u playlist (Deutschlandfunk stream) in VLC just today. :+1:


Seems like Odyssey supports playlists too

Thanks, I installed VLC, but I struggle.

I uploaded a custom-made M3U file (thanks, @urs_lesse for the inspiration) which works fine (in VLC) when started from the file manager.


  • I don’t understand how to create a shortcut the playlist in VLC (I only found widgets to play single songs, not playlists),
  • I can’t find the folder where VLC keeps playlists (I’d like to know because it still displays one that does not exist anymore and it reappears after deletion)
  • it shortened my playlist from 20 to 4 songs when I saved it (while playing the fourth song !?!)
  • it starts (literally) endless “discovery” cycles (when updating the list of songs, or playlists)
  • I can’t limit the discovery to a specific folder (because the checkboxes are non-interactive)

So I’m not yet settled. Will try a little more with VLC, then explore Odyssey.

Danke & Grüße von

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