Forum not accessible in Lightning browser

From time to time the forum is not accessible with the Lightning Browser on my FP2 with FPOS. Firefox works, as I just found out since I was surprised to see the forum working on my computer, too, while it didn’t work on my phone. There’s no difference between mobile connection or wlan. The browser just tells me that the website could not be loaded plus the error message “net::ERR_FAILED” which doesn’t tell much.
This is not always the case but it is more often in the last few weeks, sometimes for a whole weekend (which made me think of maintenance). Did anyone else experience this, too, and is there an explanation what could be wrong?

Edit: Just found the Twitter website to cause the same issue, so there are probably many more. If no one has an explanation I’ll do a tcpdump for both Lightning and Firefox to see the differences in the next few days. Done: Wireshark lists failed connections from port 40757 of my phone to port 4886 as soon as I hit reload in the browser after it failed loading the page. The error message says “Port unreachable”. Is there anything special about the destination port 4886?
In Firefox it just looks like normal http(s) traffic, no issues as far as I could see.
And while the browser reports back the error immediately it still takes some time when calling it by IP ( before it is redirected to where it fails again.


Hm… and this weekened it suddenly just worked again. I’ll keep an eye on it.

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