Forum Censorship

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Well, thank you, no more posts from me then :+1:

@JeroenH: Thank you for locking the thread (based on one only opinion), good example of no censorship :+1:

Censorship applies if there is no free speech possible because of terms which limit the amount of replies, no governement needed to keep up your illusion of no censorship occurs here.

@Stefan: Read 4h seemed not enough?

@JeroenH: Locking (censoring) threads seems how the forum works, at least for you. I understand, thank you for clarification :thinking:

It’s obviously a measure against spamming.

Ah, ok … self-censorship then, now I understand the otherwise misleading topic title :+1: .


Censorship only occurs by a nationstate(s).

I close this topic because it leads to nothing.


Censorship can be conducted by governments, private institutions, and corporations.


Except that’s not censorship when a small company does such. Perhaps in the case of very large corporations, or mono-/duopolies, but even then it is enforced by law ie. by government(s). Not by companies themselves. And the monopolies of IBM and Microsoft were protected by the government(s).

Anyway, Fairphone is not a large company; it does not apply.

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The topic was closed because you suggested you were not interested in dialogue. You wrote:

Which means you’re not interested in dialogue, or waiting for the 2 hour timeout. Editing your posts like that, is not how a forum is supposed to work. When someone decided they want to leave, which your post and nickname suggest, further discussion about such is pointless.


do you really consider yourself to be consored here? Because of an automatic pause of 2 hours?
You have edited your posting 7 times including the topic-title saying the censorship is confirmed.
To me that does not look like censoring. All the technical explanation was already posted.
Therefore it seems that 4 hours reading might not be enough, when you stick to one or two threads. That’s the trouble with rules and automation.

Is there a special reason, you chose to kind of mimic another users’ identity?
I get it one choses a name like another user if the real names are alike (same first name and same first letter of name), but why copy the profile-pic? :thinking:

Edited, since the username and profile-pic were changed.


Closing a topic doesn’t make a lot of sense if people keep posting in it. I reopened this for now.

PS: Not saying there is anything worth discussing here, but since people keep talking it’s rude to exclude people who don’t have the privilege to post in closed topics.

In other words: @AnotherElk @Stefan @BertG: If you feel the need to post in a closed topic please reopen it.