Forum back up and running! (2 Dec 2014)

Phew. You may have noticed the forum has been unresponsive since yesterday evening. Looks like things are back to normal now. I’ll check in with the developer if they found the cause.

Glad we’re all here, safe and sound :slight_smile:


I was worried already! Glad everything’s working again! :slight_smile:

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Well I spoke too soon. It was down most of today. Now it’s up again…but we are still investigating our server. Thanks for your patience as the response here will be patchy.

Liking does not work.

It seems you’ve fallen behind a couple of versions on your Discourse install. Maybe start there?

I am having a problem with the forum, which occurred after liking worked again. When I scroll down in Firefox 33.1/34 the main bar on top of the page seems to go to the background. It becomes transparent (Topic title and Fairphone logo, buttons on the right are still visible) and the content of the posts shines through.
The buttons/FP logo also cannot be pressed.

Edit: It is working now! I can press all the buttons again and the bar on top seems to be in the foreground again! :slight_smile:

Edit: Ok, not working again, this happens randomly!


I have noticed this too @Stefan, I rarely close my Chrome down, but was going to do that and clear the cache too.

It seems to happen intermittently. When it does happen, if you scroll back to the top when it happens, you’ll then be able to click the buttons, but not when you scroll down. Very weird

Ok, I’ll have to edit my post again. The bar changed back to transparent… :frowning:

Edit: This is really annoying with all the long threads recently!

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Just FTR: same here. Very annoying.
Especially if you just scrolled down a bit and want to go to another category.

Also: the “Unknown error saving post, try again. Error: 0 error” problem persists, or rather: is now happening every (?) time.

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Just to confirm:
The transparent and unclickable toolbars happen to me too.

Our developers are looking into it. Thanks for the feedback.


Any progress on the transparent toolbar problem? This is really annoying me lately. I often jump to posts down the thread via the notifications, but can’t further navigate with the toolbar then.

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@humorkritik, the fixes to the forum in terms of storage and usability should have been fixed by now.

Are you still having problems now? If so, I’d make sure they are happening only on our forum and not on all Discourse forum platforms.

@joe, I just headed over to, and I can scroll down in every thread an still use the notification/search/category/profile icons. I can’t on the Fairphone forum.

@all: Anyone else still having that problem?

It is still occurring to me (January 2015).

OK, I’m sending this to our developer.

Just to be sure: is it that when you scroll down a thread, parts of the written posts go up and ‘live’ in that top navigation bar where the Fairphone logo is?

And are people seeing this on desktop AND mobile? If mobile, which browsers? If desktop, which OS?

Exactly. Looks like a transparency glitch. Everything below body.category.3 is working , I think. But the <section id="main" class="ember-application"> part seems messed up. Running Firefox 31.4.0 ESR here. Have to check if this happens on Firefox for Android and the current FF (non-ESR) version as well. Will come back to report.

The transparancy glitch does not happen in Firefox for Android (have not experience this for the last releases (about 32-35).

Hi @humorkritik and @Stefan. It should be fixed now. Could you test it now and let me know how it is for you?

YipYipYip! Works! Thanks, @joe! And kudos to the developers for getting it to work!