Fortnite on Fairphone 2


I’m considering buying a FP2 for my 12 yo son. But Fortnite-compatibility is a must have. The official page doesn’t list it among the tested smartphones (how surprising) :

But it lists the minimum requirements :

Android 64 bits, 8.0 or better
RAM : 3 Go or more
Adreno 530 or better, Mali-G71 MP20, Mali-G72 MP12 or better

I read that Android 7.1 arrived on the FP2, are there plans for 8.0 soon?

Wow, that are minimum requirements :hushed:
With LineageOS you can have Android 8.1. But unfortunately FP2 has only a 32bit CPU and 2GB RAM. So the minimum requirements are not set. :confused:

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I’d rather try to convince your son that Tetris or Snake are really cool games :yum:
Seriously: None of the FP2 components seems to meet the requirements. The Snapdragon 801 has a 32 bit cpu, Android 8 is far, far away, RAM is only 2 GB, Adreno 330 in the FP2 will probably be not as good as Adreno 530 without having looked up the exact numbers. No, that won’t fit.

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Thanks for your quick answers!

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