Format options SD card and PC access

Just received my new fairphone and I love it. Just figuring out this SC card access business.

My problem: when asked to format the card INSIDE the phone, I get 2 options to do so, but only one leads to me to being able to write onto the card when connected to a pc!

My options to format:

  1. as mobile memory (to exchange pictures and files between different devices)
  2. as internal memory (to save apps and pictures on this devices. Formatting required. Cant be used with other devices then)

I have browsed the forum and the “manual” (which shows outdated pictures for my FP2!) and I cant find for the life of me ANY clarification whatsoever as to the difference between those 2 formatting options??! What does it do exactly??

Further: If I go for option 1) I actually see the SD card when I connect my phone to the PC and if I have selected MTP as USB transfer option. Copying onto it works and I can use the files. Have access with amaze file manager and files can be opened from there. But then the phone reminds in the drop down menu continuously that it has found a new SD card. And that it does every single time, I don’t want that spam in my notifications. I’m well aware of what’s inside my phone, I don’t need to be reminded of that fact 24/7.

Option 2) is for dedicated in phone use of the memory. By my logic, this is what you would like to select, seeing I am not taking the card out to exchange pictures and stuff between other devices. The phone should use this card as an internal memory and should be able to put stuff on there. If I format the SD with option 2) the phone sees the card, but I cant access it via USB on the pc. And that bugs me out.

I got root and also tried NextAPP SD Fix. Got an error saying platform permission file is invalid, no write_external_storage_entry found. I get this error in depended on which format option 1 or 2 I used.

Which option do I choose and what is actually the difference? I just want to be able to put music on there and move some bigger apps from the phone memory in there. And I don’t want to have that notification always in my list. How can I make option 2 work with the PC?

Can anyone clear this up for me? Thanks in advance dear FP community xX


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The “format as internal” assistant asks whether you want to migrate your data to the card. You have to choose yes! This will configure the card as your storage for pictures, videos, music etc.; allows you to move (some) apps to it and makes it accessible via USB. (Don’t forget to enable MTP after connecting the USB cable).

(You can then still use the phone’s internal storage for apps, but it won’t be accessible via USB.)

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if you use option 2, you can still access the SD-card/memory from the PC. You have to choose the USB-option “read files” (or so), as soon as you’ve connected to the PC. The phone will be shown as one external device (before ist was the FP2 with internal memory and SD-card).

If you choose option 1 the SD card will hold external data, and is accessed by Android as this only. So you can put e.g. music on it.

If you choose option 2 the SD card will hold Apps and data additionally to the phones’ internal memory, thus it will simply expand its memory. Of course, you can still put some music on it.

As far as I understand you want the behaviour of Android 4 on your device. I believe when choosing option 2 you cannot choose which apps go to SD card, but I haven’t tried, yet, so not certain.

Android 6 automatically installs apps in internal storage or on the SD card depending on which has more free space. But you can move apps after installation. However, some apps don’t allow to be stored on the SD card. This is up to the app developer.

Ok, so its either or? I should have mentioned that I just upgraded from an S3 and therefore I am used to the older way things work. I couldn’t imagine that if I use the card for internal storage, it just wont show when connected to a computer. This is new :slight_smile: And annoying :frowning:

Currently I’m using it in external mode because I wanted fast access via pc. And if I understand this thread right, its logical that I can’t move any single app onto it. Such a simple issue actually but I’m not sure which option to choose.

And that is really my point. I can only access the card via PC when choosing option 1, but then I cant have any apps on that card. I want to be able to have apps on there and connect to it via PC.

OK, so I now formatted it in internal mode and choose to transfer the data to said card. Now I have access to the card via PC and not any more to the internal built in memory, which was to be expected according to your explanations.

Only problem, for which I will first search this forum, is that during the transfer of the data it complaint that the card was too slow. I bought a Lexar micro SDXC I UHS I as is also mentioned in the specs of the FP2. Dont understand really why that is slow now, but well, gonna figure that one out as well :wink: Thanks for you quick replies you guys, really appreciate your feedback <3

PS: next time I post I will put everything in one post, just getting used to the tools of this forum.


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