Forgot pattern code to unlock screen

Hi, I usually use thumb print to unlock my phone (FP4) but every now and then I have to add a pattern as well. How can I retrieve or change this as I’ve completely forgotten what it is!

I’m sorry to say that you’re probably out of luck and will have to factory reset your phone. :frowning:
The pattern lock (same goes for PIN, etc.) is a security mechanism that is explicitly designed so that access to the phone is not possible without it. Any possibility to circumvent it would be a security problem.
If you want to avoid a factory reset, the only option you have is to try out some more patterns (and try to remember what you might have used). Patterns are actually not as uniquely chosen as one might imagine. So chances are that it is a pretty straight-forward one. There might also be websites that list the most common ones for you to try. Some suggestions here, for example.


Hi you mean a pattern on the numbers ? Always ‘good’ to make the pattern of numbers also memorable, but as said you may have to do a factory reset, after all it is a security precaution. If there was a workaround then anyone could access your phone.

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UPDATE - with a bit of trial and error I managed to re-find the pattern :grinning:. Thanks both for your help; really glad I didn’t have to do a factory re-set!


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