Force Backup without acces to phone?

I forgot my pattern… Yea…
As far as I know there is nothing I can do there…

Is there any way, to force a backup - maybe through google?
Or at least for WhatsApp for exemple?

Especialy all our family photos will be gone :sob:

As far as I know, the last automated backups through google didn’t work, 'couse I didn’t have any space in my cloud left…
Cleaned that up now, but - can I get these backups to start without acces to my phone? Or will they srat automaticaly?

As far as I know you can define in your phone settings if an automatic backup happens and how often it will be done. Did you start your last backup manually?

I don’t think the backup can happen until the phone has been unlocked.

Hi @FoxyFoxtrott,
I am afraid there is really nothing you can do about it without the unlock code.

As a security measure, the user data is encrypted before prompting the unlock code at least once, meaning that the apps cannot access your photos or any other data even if they are set to autostart at system bootup (that also explains why a cold boot unlock takes longer than a “warm” unlock).

In other words, even if you had an autobackup set and the app would be running correctly, the data isn’t available before you unlock the phone the first time.

And there is no other way to recover the unlock key, also not for Fairphone.

The only option you have to make your device usable again is to factory reset it, but beware that if you had a Google account connected you might be prompted to insert the Google FRP unlock PIN (which I am assuming you also do not remember), so you will need to login once again with the very same Google account you used before to unlock it.

Hello, the first day with my new FP5 I forgot the pattern. I spend quite a bit of time sketching various patterns as I remembered the beginning.
Also I have seen the websites which actually say most of the patterns people use are not that different. Perhaps there’s some hope for your case?
Forgive me if that sounds annoying, I would imagine you already tried too many times