For sale- Fairphone 3

Fairphone 3 in good working condition for sale. The screen is in excellent condition and comes with a screen protector. I have now erased all data and phone is ready for a new life. £110 including postage in the UK.

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Hello, is this phone still available, please?

It is indeed! Where are you based?

I’m in Salisbury. Would you accept a round £100? Thanks.

Just to make sure: Your conversation is still public. From what I can see, Anna has reached trust level 1 (basic user) and should be able to send a PM to Mbett. Should you agree on a deal, please exchange payment and/or postal address details through PMs (click on Mbett’s “M” icon and you should see a “Message” button – assuming you are logged in here).


£100 is fine. How would you like to pay?

Bank transfer?

Yes, that sounds fine. Please could I have the IMEI1 number of the phone?



Actually, on reflection, could you take PayPal?

Id be happy to send this to you as a private message but cant seem ro do that. Can you email me?

Anna can send a Private Message to which you can respond

You’re now trust level one (and pm should work). Just tap on the other user’s icon and choose “message”.


Its sold? If not I’m interested.