For sale- Fairphone 3

Fairphone 3 in good working condition for sale. The screen is in excellent condition and comes with a screen protector. I have now erased all data and phone is ready for a new life. £110 including postage in the UK.

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Hello, is this phone still available, please?

It is indeed! Where are you based?

I’m in Salisbury. Would you accept a round £100? Thanks.

Just to make sure: Your conversation is still public. From what I can see, Anna has reached trust level 1 (basic user) and should be able to send a PM to Mbett. Should you agree on a deal, please exchange payment and/or postal address details through PMs (click on Mbett’s “M” icon and you should see a “Message” button – assuming you are logged in here).


£100 is fine. How would you like to pay?

Bank transfer?

Yes, that sounds fine. Please could I have the IMEI1 number of the phone?



Actually, on reflection, could you take PayPal?

Id be happy to send this to you as a private message but cant seem ro do that. Can you email me?

Anna can send a Private Message to which you can respond

You’re now trust level one (and pm should work). Just tap on the other user’s icon and choose “message”.