For not finding Bluetooth devices

Just got my fairphone 4 but it isn’t connecting with any of my existing Bluetooth devices. It finds other people’s.

Hi robluck and welcome. Can you specify if the FP4 does not find the devices or does not connect when found? Is it possible the devices are connected to any other phone?can you reset the devices? Have you initiated the BT search on the devices as well?


Hello robluck,
Unless you state otherwise, we’ll assume you are running stock FP Android and that you have updated to the latest version.

Check out the support pages on Bluetooth here and troubleshooting here.

If none of this helps, can you post back with detailed info (make and model) on at least two of the Bluetooth devices that your FP4 is not seeing or connecting to (as Yvonne says, please state which).

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Thank you very much for your replies. I worked out I had to get my FP2 to forget the devices. Even though the FP2 was off and the devices not connected, my FP4 couldn’t find them. I had a thought and went in to my FP2 and forgot everything and suddenly the FP4 could see them all.


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