For FairPhone 4 more years of updating?

It’s possible that FairPhone 4 offer the same update years as Fairphone 5?

I believe that will it will not be possible to reach the same level of support, since the FP5 uses a Qualcomm chip for IoT devices with an extended Firmware support (8 years). This is not the case for the FP4. So any issues that arise on a Firmware level after Qualcomm ends its Firmware support will be hard to impossible to fix.

As for Android updates it’s hard to predict wether and what compatibility issues will arise in the future. We’ve just recently seen the Fingerprint Sensor issue with Android 13 on the FP3, which is out of Fairphone’s control since Google changed its security policy but the Sensor’s Hardware manufacturer has ended its support.

So in the end it’ll be easier to support the FP5 for a longer period of time, since Fairphone has been working of getting extended support assurances from hardware manufacturers of various components. But how long exactly the FP4 will be just as easily supportable is hard to predict without additional insider knowledge.


We’ll just have to see about this.

The kind of unusual SoC (System-on-a-Chip, the central important chipset of the phone) for the Fairphone 5 was deliberately chosen because vendor Qualcomm offers long-term support for it. So Fairphone could confidently announce the surprisingly long software support for the Fairphone 5.

The SoC in the Fairphone 4 doesn’t get this long support from Qualcomm, so what will be possible in this regard after Qualcomm support ends, Fairphone will have to determine then.
It’s possible that they will choose to continue software support on their own then, Fairphone have a track record of this now, but they can’t guarantee it beforehand and would have to see for themselves how long it could be feasible.

And it’s worth to consider that the SoC firmware will most probably be left as is at its end of life (because closed source and intellectual property of the vendor), so potential security risks in the firmware wouldn’t be patched directly in the firmware anymore. Either those would have to be patched around in the OS, if possible, or go unpatched. Not an ideal situation.


I can be wrong but I read Qualcomm offers 3 years of updates for the Snapdragons and 5 for the SoC Fairphone chose for the FP5.

We should not forget that without Qualcomm support, it is more difficult to get upgrades but Fairphone did it in the past with the FP2 a(nd the FP3 for Android 13?).

But I agree it is unlikely the FP4 gets a support as long as the one the FP5 will receive.


Yes, it appears you are correct. Although Qualcomm’s extended life support for the chip only runs until 2028, Fairphone committed to providing an additional guaranteed 3 years themselves, and target 2 more if possible (see Fairphone press release). I just mixed up those two numbers. Point still stands though.

On another note:
When looking for the exact support time, I stumbled across the Qualcomm longevity program that’s been announced this July with support of 7, 10 or 15 years. I haven’t really looked into wether any of the chips listed there would be suitable for a smartphone, but I wonder whether we can expect to see a SoC from this program in the FP6. Would be nice to have long-term support of this magnitude.


The new update of Android 13 version the user experience is faster.

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