Fone has gone mad

Since last Saturday (after updating the fp2-system with the updater) my fone went mad: after opening a thread in signal or whatsapp the fone tried to call the corresponding person or changed to the opened apps fastly changing the apps. after backup an setting to factoryconditions it is still unstable with similar issue. what is wrong? i can us my fone only by chance…

This sounds like it may be an issue with the touchscreen registering nonexistent touches.

Have you tried removing and then reinstalling the screen module? You can also clean the gold contacts with isopropyl alcohol while the screen is removed; this may increase your chances of success.


Sounds like a phenomenon called “ghost touches” to me. This could either be caused by a broken screen, dirty contacts between the screen and the main module or a broken main module. It often happens after water damage. Try to clean the connectors with a cleaning alcohol.
If it doesn’t help see if there are #fairphoneangels near you. They could help you troubleshoot by exchanging screens to see if it’s a hardware issue.
If you still have warranty (2 years) and the issue wasn’t caused by you support will exchange whichever part is faulty - you might have to send in the phone though.


Since about a week, I experience the same problem.
Apps open ‘randomly’.

I blamed Google assistant, who/which seemed to have settled in my phone lately.
This morning I had a phonecall and said ‘Goedemorgen’ to the person that ringed me, and all of a sudden my phone wished me also goedemorgen and gave me updates on the weather, traffic etc.
I couldn’t stop it, neither could I understand my customer, who caleed to order something.
It was a very akward situation.

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