- what is that?

Hi, when I browse through my contacts I see many ‘addresses’ as … does anyone know what that is, and how I can get rid of it? I cannot remember to have installed anything from (website) - Cheerz!

Googling leads to “Lightweight Relationship Manager for Gmail”.

Do I want G00gle to give me advice on my relationship? :unamused:


We both and so many more people would not want to rely on advice given by e.g. Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft a.s.o. But every time I think about it makes me wonder that more and more people do welcome all those internet gadges like Alexa, Cortana, Siri etc. to let them control their home, their household, even their bank account. Why? It seems they do not want think for themselves, because that would be too complicated. It is just neat, cosy and hip to use these services nowadays. And some people put so much trust in those companies … unbelievable! :worried:

Oh man, it is a crazy world we are living in… “Where have all the good times gone?” (“The Kinks”) :confused:


Unfortunately, you’re absolutely right :frowning:

But it would be off-topic if we discussed that in this thread. If you want, feel free to write me a PM to talk about online privacy there! ^^

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