Folders and transferred apps from old phone

How can I place my apps, that were successfully transferred from my old phone on the startscreen. The only option I could find, was to create widgets. I miss my folder-structure.

Can anyone help

Can you define “Folder Structure”?

To move Apps f rom the App drawer, press and hold and move

On the homescreen its the same to move and when you move 1 " into" another you have what I would call a Folder here.


At first: All apps of the old phone are successfully installed and can be startet.
After transferring there were no pictograms on the start screen.

So you first need the App drawer (swipe from the bottom)
To be able to place the apps on the homescreen.

Thats the app drawer

From there I tested that the apps can be executed.

Well then…

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Pressing long opens a menu (picture).

Well you have to hold and MOVE the finger and with it the App.

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Thank You Very Much!

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