FM Radio Request for improve to save radio name by default

It will be usefull if the radio could save the name of the station when selecting the radio as favourite, instead of “new station”.



If you go to the channels list and tap long on ‘New Channel’ then you get the options:
Remove from favorites

I think edit is what you’re after.

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Thanks, but I’ve already used that.
What I’m looking for it’s to modify the name by default with the name of the station as it’s readed from the FM. As It happens in the car radio. In other radios, when you save a station, first name proposition is the text from the station. Then of course if you want to modify it you can always use the edit button.
Sorry if I’m not so clear.

I got your feature request. This is totally something which could be introduced in an update. Maybe you could contact FP directly to make them aware of this improvement.

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I don’t think the FM Radio is part of the AOSP package, which means it’s probably originating from MediaTek, which in turn again means it’s not open source and thus not something Fairphone can change.

Indeed, after various search attempts I didn’t find any alternative for this ‘Radio’ app… which seems to confirm that’s something hardware-related. But I do home someone will show me I’m wrong :wink: