FM Radio Recording

Hi, I’m trying to record off the FM Radio by selecting ‘Start Recording’ but nothing seems to happen. Any suggestions welcome. Cheers.

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This is known to be broken (see bug report). I’d suggest finding an alternative app in your favourite app store.


Many thanks @Johannes. I’ll do just that. Cheers!

Unfortunately, an alternative FM radio app needs either root (e. g. Spirit1, Spirit2) or an external USB stick (e. g. Wavesink).

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This is not an easy task, anyway. And if it is not working for the FM Radio app, one reason may be of insufficient rights because also FM Radio would have to fetch the analogue stream from the audio channel.

If it is because of other issues, then it may probably as well not work on a number of devices, where this stock android FM Radio app is installed (chipset and phone vendor dependent). Also Google does not work much on this app for years. They rather propagate internet radio.

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