Flight mode - moved position

Hey, for years on most of the phones that I have had, the access to flight mode was always just to press on/off botton (easy and good). Why have they moved it and made it more complicated in 6.0 so you have to use 5 steps to just to get the flight mode function. Not very user friendly if you ask me. :disappointed: How do I get it back to the on/off button again?

Swipe down on the lock screen, flight mode is in the next to last row on the right.
That’s 2 steps instead of 5. Anyway, I’m also missing the shortcut for the various ring modes and flight mode that I got used to in pre 6.0 versions…

Wow, thanks! That was pretty neat and good way to access it, thanks!
Maybe they will listen and adjust accordingly after a while to people’s

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