Flickering screen FP3+

That’s a bit risky, but if you ensure it’s dry after it may last for years.

However you may notice a red marker if you remove the screen one day to show that it has got damp and that indicator will void the warranty.

Else have fun, keep it as dry as possible, clean it one day maybe, but it’s really good news.

All the best.

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I’m struck by this issue either.
Today my FP3 (no FP3+) fall down and the screen flickered for a few seconds and then the display was black.
I hope after disassembling and cleaning the contacts everything will work again.
Wish me luck…

Welcome to the forum and good luck.

There are a number of other topics referring to similar display failures

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FP3 is working as before.
Thanks for your wishes, they helped - trust me. :slight_smile:


I have the same flickering issue with my FP3+
It started after I got the phone for 2 months, I didn’t drop it.
The screen sometimes will flicker for a few seconds, and then back to normal.
I can still use it, it’s just that random flickering a few times a week.
I’ll try opening it up and secure the connector.

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Hi and welcome to the forum

The connection is a contact pogo type so there’s no actual connector to fiddle with. Saying that

  • Sometimes a pogo pin maay be stuck
  • The pins or contacts may be tarnished
  • but more likely the screws in that area, there are three, maybe unevenly tightened.

Have fun

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I realised that sometimes the flickering can be caused by slight bending of the phone.
For instance, getting in or out of the phone case. The original case by Fairphone is very rigid, getting the phone out of the case needs to apply some force. My phone can flicker when I’m doing this.