Flickering Screen after Waterdamage to FP3

Hi all,

After dropping my phone in water and following the drying instructions from the forum, everything seemed to work fine. However, a couple of days later, I noticed a flickering/freezing screen and low to no responsiveness to touch. The phone starts fine, and rebooting it in safe mode helps for a while, but curiously (to me), the problems increase over time with increased usage. For example, opening the Maps app or browser will worsen the flickering.

Can you help me decide whether I should just get a new screen or if it is a different problem? (Cleaning contacts with isopropanol and tightening the screws around the contact didn’t help.)

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Can you see any debris? If so carefully brush it with a copper brush.
Also press the screen all around the sides to check if it’s clicked into place.

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hi thanks, for the ideas. however there is no debris there, as it fell in clean water and the screen is firmly clicked. Interestingy i noticed, that the flickering decreases/disaperas if i auto rotate screen in horizontal position…

Hi, so the Problem disappeared after replacing the screen.


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