Flickering map in Schweiz-Mobil-App

Hi community

My question is about an Swiss-specific App: Schweiz-Mobil
I used this app with no problems, but since an update last summer, the screen is flickering like on this video:
Unfortunatly i did’t know anymore if it was a Fairphone update or an app-update.

I installed the Fairphone completely new (when i did the storage-update). But the problem persists.
I contacted the app-developper, but they could not help.

Could this be a Fairphone-update-problem, or a problem with the grafic driver of Fairphone-OS?
Is there a crack with an idea what my problem could be?

Thank you!


Oh that’s weird.

I don’t use the app so can’t comment much, but do you have the ability to save/view maps offline? If so could be worth trying to see if it’s a problem with the way the app is downloading maps.

What version of FP OS are you running at the moment?

Hmm, yes it’s possible to save maps, but the behavior is the same.
I’m running the newest Fairphone OS 1.8.


Problem solved by an app-update. :smiley:
I’m happy.


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