Flashlight doesn't work and I can only take selfies with the cameras

I resently could finally update my FP2 (for some reason I couldn’t do it with my home WiFi) and now for some weird reason I can’t use my flash light (which I need quite often, especially when I need to shut down my phone which is weird as well, it just restarts if I want to shut it down by pressing the on/off-button). Also noticed today that when I wanted to take photos with either of the cameras (I use the app that doesn’t make any sound) it only takes selfies (which I never do) and the button for turning it the other way is missing. WTF has happened?

Hi :slight_smile:
Could you go to settings > about the phone and then tell us what it says at camera modules? Maybe it’s a loose contact, I’d suggest to disassemble the phone, remove the camera, clean the connectors with a wet cloth (very little water!) and assemble it again :blush:

It says about the camera modules unknown. I have CameraMX (which I use more than 99% of the time) and the built-in camera which I use only when I need to use the button on the side of the phone (which is very rarely). I bought a new camera a couple of years ago as I think the one that came with the phone had such a bad quality.
I’ll try the suggestion you made.

It didn’t help to open and clean. Now I get a message that the back camera is missing

Do you still own the old camera module? You could install this one and try to take a photo with that one. If that works it is clearly a problem of the new camera module.


I should have it somewhere. Have to try and find it and check. I was never happy with the quality of the photos with that tho, but at least I’ll find out if the problem is with the new camera or something else! Thanks for the tip!


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