Flashing screen after a fall

I have a problem with my Fairphone 3.
After a fairly trivial fall, the screen has begun to flash and remains lit only for a few tenths of a second, continuing to turn off and light up; in some moments the background appears in color, in others only a background or black or like a television snow effect .
The screen has no cracks and responds, albeit with a little delay, to the touch command, but clearly I can do little and nothing in this situation.
I had the same problem 20 days ago when my phone dropped flat on the screen, but in that occasion the problem went away automatically after 20 minutes.
I am not an expert on this type of problems: would anyone be able to help me understand what the problem might be? I would like to understand what could be before requesting the spare part.
Thank you so much in advance to who will want to answer me.

did you try to disassemble your screen and then put it back again? Maybe it has become loose through the drop.

here is an official instruction video.


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