Flashing light on top right hand corner of front camera (notification LED)

I’ve been asking around with no success. Can anyone tell me what are the different colours(blue, green, red) of the flashing light on the top right hand corner near the front camera mean? Seems to me everyone has different answers. I would like to know if it was a text message or email alert without having to turn the screen on. Thanks.

I get red when charging.
I get green when the phone is fully charged.
I can’t remember if I ever had blue.
I get green for Wordfeud, because I told Wordfeud to give me a light when another player has played.

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I wish there’s explanation on the manual. Thanks anyway!

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Blue is the default for WhatsApp. However, I think you can change this, though not all colours are possible on the FP.

Edit: This might be interesting to you, to custmize the light for different notfications:

I also added “notification LED” to the topic title.


Additional question: Which colors this LED can take. I see blue, red and green. Others (yellow, cyan, custom) also possible?

I already asked this question there.