Flashing CalyxOS problem

I have problems with flashing CalyxOS. I have attached some photos showing where I am stuck. On your official website in the picture the secured boot is turned off while my secured boot is turned on. Should it be turned off? Can it be the reason why I can’t proceed? Moreover, in my phone’s settings it looks like my phone is encrypted(?), although I didn’t even set a passcode. Did anyone have a similar problem or can relate to a specific topic in this forum? How can I solve it?
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Welcome to the forum.

But just to clarify this is not official support but a user forum, so the ‘your’ is not getting attention from the ‘official site’

No doubt though some user familiar with your issue will respond to assist.

By the way, the official site may provide some guides but that is not advice nor encouragement, for example you cannot request help nor use the warranty whilst you have an alternate OS installed. To get official support you would need to re-install the current updated OS


I’m not quite sure what steps you’re following, as CalyxOS’ instructions don’t seem to be on fairphone.com but on their own website: Install on Fairphone 4

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Wolcome to the community :wave:

From your screenshots it’s not very obvious where you are stuck, I don’t see any error messages etc. …
Since your phone is properly unlocked, what happens if you just run the device flasher again? :thinking:
fastboot is also very particular about USB-cables / -ports, try different combinations if you can’t get it to complete.

Secure boot isn’t relevant to what you are trying to do. Encryption is default on newer Android versions, that’s not tied to your passcode.

One last thing, whatever you do don’t manually lock the bootloader again (by issuing a command yourself). You can lock it when the device-flasher asks you to, don’t boot into the system and lock it afterwards!


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