Flash Storage not 32 GB as specified


I’ve had my FP2 since Feb, but just realised that the “Total space” described in Settings/Storage is listed as only 25.48 GB (with 1.81 GB available), not the 32 GB listed in the Specifications on the website…

Is this normal? Were the basic spec upgraded since I bought mine? Is there something I can do to clear up space? Any clarification on this would be much appreciated. Thanks!

The operating system itself (including many apps) needs a couple of GBs, that’s why you haven’t got the full 32 GB available for free use.



So this is the same for everybody? Total space = 25.48 GB?

Yes, that’s what it says in Settings > Storage on my FP2.


Yes: Comparison shows how much internal storage you actually get with popular smartphones - PhoneArena

Devices specs give the total storage size, not the free storage for the user. This is true too for computers and laptops.


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