Flash not working - Camera

Hello, This is my first post to the forum!

I have been enjoying having a fair phone since the summer, despite the odd idiosyncrasy. Its been doing a lot of turning itself off and also the microphone had problems. However, I have just received a replacement bottom sound module and it was SO simple to replace. Really wonderful experience! I also got some tips on clearing the cache off apps to reduce the crashing.

Now for the next problem! The flash of the camera does not seem to work and is permanently greyed out. I may be very stupid but I can’t find any camera settings on the phone right now. The torch light works fine.

Any tips?

Best wishes


Hello again, I have solved my own problem. I found the settings in the camera app, but the real problem was that HDR was on which meant that the flash did not work. This is an option in the camera app. If you deselect HDR then you have flash options.

Hope this helps someone else!