[Fixed] Call not sent bug. Solved in Android 6

We’d like to see if the call not sent’ bug got solved by the update to Android 6. This bug affected people with dual sim cards.

If any of you is/was experiencing this bug, please let us know if it got resolved after you updated.


Thank you for your help!

It looks like it’s fixed on my phone, I’ve only tried making a couple of calls so far but they both went through without having to wait 5 seconds. This update gets better and better :smile: thanks Fairphone!


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On my phone it works smoth now. Good job.

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Call not send is better now, all calls are going out. BUT If the call is not answered I cannot end it. The only possibility is to take off the battery.
Second: When called, at about 50% the screen is black and I cannot answer my calls.
I am really tired with all these problems. Calling and recieving calls is the first promise of a telephone! It should work.

Did you already clean & recalibrate the proximity sensor?

I am very happy that this bug was solved as it bothered me most in my relatively new FP experience!
Also the sudden loss of network of SIM card in slot 1 seems to have been solved (I changed already 2 times the SIM itself to make sure it’s not coming from the provider).
However after 1 week from upgrading to 6.0 I suddenly lost many of my contacts, without any activity on my side that I can remember. Not sure which ones these were as the Google Contacts are still available. There is also no access to SD card, where an older contact file should be still available

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