Fix a Fairphone 3 Touchscreen

Hi, my touchscreen isn’t working anymore, but I’ve been able to connect a mouse to my Fairphone 3 to check via the trouble shooting that everything else is working.

I haven’t gotten a reply from support yet, and now I’m wondering if I can maybe fix the issue myself by replacing the display modul. Would a new display modul fix the touchscreen or are there other parts of the phone that might turn the touchscreen unresponsive?

Thank you for your help.

Hi and welcome to the forum

First if your phone is two years old you can try and effect repairs yourself as there is no warranty to void.

  • The screen contacts may be poor, dismantle the phone and check the ‘pogo pins’ on the core module are still movable ~ press to see if the spring works.

  • Check the pins and the contacts on the display module for tarnishing or debris and clean anyway. Isopropyl alcohol is used as it evaporates quickly.

  • When removing the screws ensure you use enough pressure so as not to burr the screw heads.

When reassembling do the screws around the contact first but not very tightly, then the remainder, then tighten around the contacts and the rest again.

All the best.

if this doesn’t work or only partially try again.

You may also find a #fairphoneangel nearby that can provide more assistance.


Thank you for the answer! The Isopropyl alcohol worked wonders. The touchscreen is functional again.


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