Fitness band for fairphone

Hi everyone!

I’m wondering if anyone has bought a fitness band and used it with their fairphone. All I can find require android >= 4.3 which of course won’t work with the fairphone so I was hoping someone here has had more luck than I’ve had so far.

Thanks in advance

Most (if not all) of these wearable smartdevices use Bluetooth LE. While FairPhone Bluetooth chip supposedly does support this, Android 4.2 does not (support for this was introduced in Android 4.3). So that’s the reason you’ll find that these devices generally require Android 4.3.

Ah, I see. Thanks for the quick reply. Somewhat disappointing as from what I understand we won’t see an update any time soon.

I’ve recently tried to connect a Polar H7 heart rate belt. It didn’t even show up in the list of nearby bluetooth devices.

I just found the angel sensor project. It is an open source fitness tracker.
I’m not sure if the Bluetooth version is compatible.

Does any body know something similar?
I don’t want my body data in the hands of companies.