First look at TWS earbud spares ... UPDATE: Stock and prices

The long-discussed TWS earbud spares have now emerged in the Fairphone spare parts shop. No prices nor delivery dates for all parts yet, but given Miquel expected them a little later, this comes as a bit of a surprise now. And there’s another feature we didn’t see coming :slight_smile:

The complete set (apparently already on stock) at True Wireless Earbuds | Fairphone :

P.S.: … and the TWS earbuds are this month’s special deal at Fairphone – included (optionally) with every FP3+ or FP4 purchase until 31 May: Fairphone Promotions and Offers - Fairphone


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Thanks, should work now!

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So, you get free earbuds, if you buy FP3+ or FP4…if you need them.
Too bad that wasn’t the deal before. I do need earbuds, but were too expensive.

Any disscount for people who already bought FP4?


That’s a nice deal! I sent my buds back a week ago. They aren’t that firmly locked in my ear, I don’t like the touch controls and there is no companion app to change these touch controls or even upgrade the firmware in the future. Bluetooth security fixes are then by definition impossible for the buds. So even if they were free, I would still send them back. You can by the way buy the Jabra 65t for little money now. Much better quality, fit and it has a companion app with loads of features. It’s not sourced from fairtrade gold though. But creating inferior products is also kinda a waste of resources.


Hahaha nice, if I wouldn’t get them for free now, I would just buy the spare parts to have L/R in different colors xD

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Not the same focus is it if you are saying the Fairphone are inferior. The fairtrade gold is an investment in the consumers ability to care for another person not about resources being wasted but about the spirit of humanity not being tapped.

I know, I know. Just saying that people might not be happy with a TWS as with other buds. Video calls with them were horrible, just like with the FP4 at the moment. And sure, they are made more sustainable. But there has to be a nice balance I think between usability, features and performance, mixed with sustainable design and sourcing. Unless of course the current economy cannot facilitate that, then of course the problem because higher level. How to properly economize.

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I’m pretty sure these are personal and subjective experiences, not general. ???

That is the problem, wanting a lot and not prepared to pay.

Well people are ready to pay since they bought a fairphone 4. But the quality is not very good so why buy something you will not be happy with to end up replacing it with something else later, producing even more waste ? AFAIK, the best option right now environmentally is to buy a decent iem (with replaceable cable) and use the uscb-c aple adapter.

That depends upon what you are used to, otherwise it’s just hearsay. Anyway the prime objective of Fairphone is to invest in Fairtrade etc. not the specs of the product and to that end these are probably the only Ear buds with fairtrade gold.

Doubt anyone else can match that.

People who are worried about waste have a different agenda.

Using up petro-chemicals, vegetation, water:~ somehow people get pushed to the end of the queue rather than the front. That’s what I call a sad and unsustainable business model, whatever is produced.

Still I would, as you indicate, prefer a wired set with adapter, and I have the Fairphone wired ear-phones but only an FP3+ so don’t even need the adapter. :slight_smile:

However for those who want to buy an FP4 new there is still this financial attractive offer ??

and spare buds :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I was a bit surprised about this as well… All great for new FP buyers of course :slightly_smiling_face:

But it does seem a little strange to offer this now while a month back you’d only get the phone and nothing else? I understand that this is a sustainable decision (which is why I bought the FP4) but it does come across disingenuous: “if you need a 3.5mm jack, you can buy it because that’s more sustainable” until sales needs a boost. At least, I guess that’s the reasoning behind it :wink:

Just thought I’d drop in to share my thoughts and I hope you understand why this stings a little to someone who bought a FP4 as soon as it came out.


Welcome to our community :slight_smile:

There actually was a deal in April, although it was “worth” considerably less. Through the Referral Program, friends were able to give a 50€ discount on the FP3+ or the FP4 from 1 to 30 April. I think it’s likely there’ll be something else in June.

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Thanks! Happy to be here :wink:

I’m aware of the referral program and I’ve actually already referred a friend :slightly_smiling_face: That’s not really the point I’m trying to make here, nor the comparable value of these programs. The thing that struck me as odd is that you’re asking customers to buy peripherals if they need it. No need to fill that pile of e-waste any more than necessary. But 6 months later, it’s totally fine to include a pair of wireless earbuds (I’m aware this is a temporary promotion).

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The headphones are not included automatically. The button shows the text:

Free TWS Earbuds when you buy a Fairphone 3+ or Fairphone 4
But only add it if you need it.

That absolutely ok in my eyes.


Sure, that’s a good checkbox to have but:

  1. Does this actually prevent more e-waste? Who’s gonna skip out on free earbuds for this value…
  2. Why not add this option for other peripherals as well?

I think the average Fairphone customer ain’t a bargain hunter, but buys the FP with a reason and is able to choose wisely whether he wants a headphone or not.
But offering to choose a cable and/or a charger instead ain’t a bad idea either.


Tbh, seeing this advert appear in my inbox was pretty disillusioning. I was very down with fairphones policy of not supplying free cables to discourage duplication. I have been a little disheartened to see how few modular upgrades there have been compared to whole phone upgrades. This free earbuds thing just seems trashy. In literal and metaphorical ways.

Low waste is a great principle, but it doesn’t really match what I’m seeing fairphone do.


Did something surreptitiously change about this program? I too signed up for a referral link that was supposed to hand out a €50,- discount code, but when trying to use it, the shop was only willing to take €25,- off. Until yesterday, the page at my referral link did claim it was giving you a €50,- discount code, but after inquiring at FPh support about this, that claim suddenly changed to €25,-; Other that that I have not yet received a proper response from FPh support.

The referral link:

Screenshot of what that looked like before yesterday (2022-05-10):

It was announced from the beginning as Fairphone’s April offer only. After April, the monetary value of the codes (both the referral code recipient and the reward codes) have reverted back to what they were before.