First impressions Fairphone 2

I agree. To me it also look like a phone without back cover.

Jep. My rim is definitely black.

Same for me.

What software are you exactly referring to as bloatware?[quote=“vivia, post:60, topic:11491”]
Turns out that the FP2 proximity sensor is considerably more sensitive, and the hang up button is also not huge anymore, so that’s a huge improvement! :heart:

Great to hear! :wink: That was my most annoying issue with the FP1 (and almost the only one).

I am not @freibadschwimmer, so I can only make a guess, but since I am also waiting for a user build of the FP OSOS (my own compilation failed so far and those who were finally successful do not have the right to distribute…) without GSM I suppose he refers to all the Google related apps - especially since they are very prominent.
Just to give an example: Before disabling it (while exploring the phone and its settings), I more than once clicked on the Google app without wanting to do it and was rather annoyed by this…
Probably this is also partly my fault since I am new to smartphones but I still did not like it.

I am now waiting quite impatiently for the official release of the FP OSOS build or a clear (and comprehensive) instruction (with complete sources) to retry the compilation myself for the time being. Until then, I won’t connect my phone to the internet and won’t put a SIM etc. I’d like to call my real big brother but not google and the like…

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@ben, merci guessed right, I was referring to the whole bubble of Google software it was shipped with. After turning on the phone for the first time I immediately deactivated 12(!) Google apps, not even sure if caught all of them.
Unfortunately, without root access it is impossible to delete them! :frowning:

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With root access you can’t delete GAPPS either without bricking the phone. I tried.
I guess this is proof that disabling the Apps doesn’t really change much except for the Apps displayed in your App panel.

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Arf really ?
I didn’t do it on my previous phone, but i recall that my RAZR HD (on KitKat) did’nt bother when i deleted all the useless google stuff (i mean , i deleted only google “apps” like “game” , “korean input”,etc, i didn’t touch to google services), was it your case ?

Well you can probably delete some GAPPS. But e.g. the Play Store is also a an App.
I had deleted the same Apps I disabled now (Calendar, Camera, Chrome, Contacts, Drive, Gmail, Google App, Play Movies & TV, Play Music, Play Store, Hangouts, Maps, Youtube) and bricked my phone doing so.

I hadn’t deleted “Google Play Services”, “Google Services Framework” and such, but I even disabled those now without a problem.

Yes, I read about your experiences, sorry to hear that.

I always have been careful with deleting GAPPS, also on earlier phones. I made similar experiences as Elipsus, I was able to delete things like google search, calendar sync, maps, gmail etc. (basically all the things I was afraid it would upload private data like contacts, mails, location), but I never touched things like Google framework.

I haven’t tried it yet on the FP2 or any other Android version > 4,2, but so far I was able to delete many of them.
My usual approach was to first deactivate them for a week or two, and when I didn’t find any problems, only then I completely deleted them.

Edit: OK, you were a bit faster then me. Well, considering your latest post, that’s something new for me. I also would have thought it shouldn’t be a problem t delete those kind of apps.

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I think thats the play store app, it’s “deeper” on the OS than other gapps ^^ (only app that have administrator privilege, needed to install apps)

Okay, playing around with my FP2 for 5 hours now. Following this topic’s title, here are my first impressions:

  1. The phone does NOT look cheap and seems very robust
  2. The screen is a lot better than I expected
  3. The screen size is probably something to get used to
  4. I realized some of the early stage bugs, but nothing really disturbing. Software works smooth for me :smile:
  5. I don’t like the cameras but I’ll be able to get along with them - they’re fine.
  6. I have never had a phone this fast -> I’m more than satisfied with the speed :slight_smile:
  7. Surfing the web is fun on this phone :smiley:

However, there is one thing that really bothers me right now: I can’t enjoy my favorite song when I play it through the audio jack on my speakers - the sound I got out of the phone is definitely not enough for my needs (I’m something between a totally average listener and an audiophile music junkie).

EDIT: Just realized The phone is indeed hard to use while charging.


Just received my Fairphone today! Yeay :grin:
First impression on the phone is very positive, Love it!
Yet, after turning it on and playing around for a while… I have got only one thing to say: I hate google! :mask:
I am not a programmer so I will have to deal with it… it will take me lot of time to change all the settings in the way I want but I will get ride of most of these google app stuff


I got my Fairphone 2 yesterday.

I’m very positive, too. Now I have 4G, surprisingly

BUT, I strongly need to root the phone, because all the advertising things.

I’m waiting for the os with root from the fairphone team.

This might be the right topic to post this:
I hope I didn’t simply miss that info, but I just discovered the manufacturing date of the phone/screen. It’s located on the back of the display assembly right beneath the hole for the front speaker :slight_smile:


Another very nice touch is the charging screen (when the phone is turned off)


When I first saw this last night I thought the phone was trying to reboot

Also they included three bee-e-a-utiful background pictures:)


I know, it’s beautiful right?
As I mentioned in my “first impressions”-post

The animation must be stored somewhere on the phone so once I have the FP Open OS (with root access) I’ll try to find it and copy it into the “Live Wallpapers” folder. :smiley:


True enough :smile:
I just had to look very hard to find the percentage during the first charging process - a little bit bigger would not have hurt :wink:

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There will be a Google-free version called FP OSOS (open source OS). Hopefully soon.
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