First Fairphone Webinar - 15 December 2015 [19:00 CET, 18:00 UTC/GMT]

This is as superficial as it gets, but I’ve been wondering if it will be possible to apply a custom icon set using the default launcher.

Neat. I’ll have to give this a whirl. Although for some reason Avira considers the installer malware.

I have a question: when and how it will be possible to install an AOSP Google-free ROM on the Fairphone 2? For me it’s very important, and hopefully we are close to the final shipment (even if I think that I will receive mine the next year)?

Thank you


hey all!
I’m really excited about the FP2 approaching!
I think it would be great if you could introduce it for the average Samsung s3 (or what else) standard user whom you successfully got going to do a fairphone invest instead of taking the 2-year-circle supported device. I guess there are many of us, at least thats my past.

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Question here: Do you really want to release a new set of phones when Fairphone’s vision to be replacing parts of a Fairphone to make it last? What happens to the first version of the Fairphone then? Will you continually release new versions of Fairphones?

We’re getting ready!


I have another question: Will it be possible to have the FP2 rooted AND with Fairphone OS and Google Apps, like FP1?

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Let me answer that: Yes, yes & yes. And yes to the combination of all three.

My “counter” question: Will it be possible to have FP OS WITHOUT google or will living without google just be possible with stock android?


I can watch the webinar! Yes! :grinning:

I’m very looking forward.

Looking forward to the video. The live feed constantly breaks.

EDIT: It’s better now. :smile:
EDIT 2: No, I jinxed it…

My order is between the 8000-10000 first phones. May you give me an approximate date of the arrival of my Fairphone? End of december? Begin of January?

Thank you!!! :blush:

In the webinar, you told us to criticize,
so let’s start :frowning:
The webinar was surely a very good idea, but it was way too short, questions haven’t be answered ;(
also there was absolutely no response considering any technical questions, and that was a big miss (battery,audio, charging was superficial, etc…)
Same for the software updates, lots of question about the futures updates, still no answers.
I understand that Miquel doesn’t know everything, but it would have been nice if other people at FP could answer (considering that they were right behind the camera…)
Also, it would have been nice to see a functioning FP2 for those that didn’t go to any of "live events"
So, i’m looking forward frrom getting my new FP2, and also a new webinar ! :smile:


Sorry that I missed this, looking forwad to catching up!

I also had problems with the live feed. Luckely I could restart all the time.

Thanks for the tip, it allowed me to follow the webinar tonight :slight_smile:

sighs First, thanks Miquel for doing this (That link should work for everyone now).

Talking like this is complicated, I know. So thanks again, my following comments are not against the person doing the “webinar”, they are about and against the format chosen for this. (more to come if I find more pros/cons)


  • They want to share new information about their supply chain (18 min into the video, not published yet)
  • Assumed 45% CO2 cut back, FP2 production vs the FP1 (unproven yet)
  • FP2 has more “Trace-ability” (unproven yet)
  • There is actually a Bill of Materials (500 components) (unpublished, I asked for it a few times, never got an answer.)


  • Weasel wording around FP1 consequences
  • Answering question people can answer also with Wikipedia/FP-website/Google and the forum.
  • Not answering a single question collected from the forum.

My personal summery: This is an advertisement about already well known features of the FP2. I don’t think this is a good way to answer questions. Please don’t do software like this. It reminds me of looking at a cheap shopping channel. No this is not the fault of the person doing it, this is caused by the format/the questions chosen.

Transparency is not part of the process, it is the process” [Source: picture in the background written in the old(?) Fairphone font cannot be seen in the video]

Honestly: This wasted 40 minutes my time and the time I needed collecting the questions from the forum. But it was a nice show and thanks for doing this anyway, I’m sure it was fun and you learned a lot while doing it.

Hey @Elipsus,

Thank you for your feedback and it is good to hear it was to short: that means at least it wasn’t boring :smile:

Considering your tech questions: no one in front or behind the camera could have answered these questions better than @mikiballester. Especially the world of software updates is a tricky one where Fairphone simply is not the boss.

So, what we tell is what we hope to achieve and in which direction we are pushing. I think this is almost completely in sync with what are community wants. But to promise that we will get updates in the future would be lying: we can not promise this.

For another event we will try a different setup to show off the phone and the OS itself; @mikiballester was now to far from the camera. Also, showing a turned on screen on camera is difficult because of light differences; we’ll have to try a new setup where we can dynamically switch from camera to screen capture to do that.


Maybe it would have been nice if we knew before how long the webinar would take? Or did I miss this information anywhere? Because for me too, it felt very short!

I can only agree. This was one of the main reasons I wanted to see the webinar…

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It would be nice and I hope so : we try to live with the minimum of GAFAM : GoogleAmazonFacebookAppleMicrosoft!

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