Fingerprprint sensor unlocks too easily, can't edit options


since the latest Update my fingerprint sensor no longer cares whether it’s my fingerprint that touches it or any other body part. Any other person could simply unlock my phone by simply touching the sensor.

I’ve tried to disable the fingerprint-unlocking, however, I can’t seem to find the option in the settings. Trying to add fingerprints in the settings also doesn’t work. Whenever I try to tap the “Add Fingerprint” button, nothing happens.

Has this happened to anyone else?

Welcome to the community forum, Geggo.

There is no toggle to disable fingerprint unlocking. It is sufficient to delete all the registered prints.

Delete all the prints, you will also then be able to register a new one.


Thank you for the response.

Old fingerprints are also not showing up in the settings.

Which version of the operating system is your phone running? Please go to Settings > About phone > Build number (the exact value is important).
Thank you.

It’s FP5.TT40.A.131.20231130

An update FP5.TT45.A.141.20240115 should be available which may correct your problem, though I have not seen it mentioned before.

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