Fingerprint sensor HOT!

My fingerprint sensor is so hot that it has burned my fingertip. It is red hot to the touch. I have turned the phone off, as I am worried it is dangerous. When the phone is on charge (although the phone itself is off), it is also incredibly hot. When turned off and disconnected from all power sources, it cools. I have tried to telephone the Fairphone helpline multiple times, both yesterday and today, and just get a generic message that no customer service agents are available, and to try again later. I have also emailed customer support, but they say it can take up to 5 days to get a response. My phone is a critical part of my work, so I wonder if anybody on this forum has any advice for me?

You may like to look at the link below which describes a breakdown of the parts. It could be a short circuit around the finger sensor or the sensor itself. You may be able to disconnect the sensor if that is the issue or see and isolate any contacts that seem a problem. It may be some debris and benefit from a clean. It could be any part but in step 9 of the breakdown guide you can see the fingerprint sensor can be removed, so you can see if that is the problem.

As for support, it’s a problem not having a shop and relaying on emails and phone calls. Maybe you can find a Fairphone angel near you that can temporarily swap pieces

A note on the breakdown @urs_lesse has pointed out that from step 8 voids the warranty.

NOTE: UPDATED WARNING: Swapping or removing the fingerprint sensor requires removing the motherboard, which will void the warranty, and may cause irreversible damage to the phone!

Hi Mrs. Williams,

@rae from Fairphone might be able to escalate your issue internally at Fairphone.

Your phone should by no means be as hot as you have described. This sounds like a hardware issue that the support should take care of. This probably means that you would have to send your phone to the central repair facility (in France AFAIK). Do you have another mobile phone that you could use in the meantime?

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Sorry if you already know, but from my experience, it’s sometimes overlooked that for the time being, Fairphone Support can only be reached by telephone from 13:00 to 17:00 CET (for phone info scroll down there).


Regarding this, see #fairphoneangels for info.

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:warning: Swapping or removing the fingerprint sensor is a very bad idea as it requires removing the motherboard, which will void the warranty, and may cause irreversible damage to the phone! :warning:

Consider adding this warning to your post in supplement to @urs_lesse’s remark.
Also I believe no #fairphoneangel will risk this procedure.


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