Fingerprint sensor doesnt work

My fingerprint sensor Fairphone 5 doesnt work. I cant capture a new fingerprint. What could be the solution?

Where does it fail? you cant find the setting to add it or it cant capture the fp and always say bad, the fp sensor broke ect?

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I cant capture the fp. Or when, ist works only for a few days.

Welcome to the forum, bazzoli.

Make sure you register your fingerprint carefully. In particular, each time you place your finger on the sensor, hold it there until you’re told to “Lift finger, then touch sensor again”.

I guess I have the same problem. After a certain periode of time (approx. 1 day) the fingerprints saved do not work anymore (unlocking the phone or authentication with any app). I tried setting up 4 fingers and fully deleting them after start of the malfunctions three times now, always archiving the same result.

Hello and welcome.
Does the phone stop recognising the fingerprint or the apps stop providing this option?
Please note that each time you add a new fingerprint, the apps would ask you to identify yourself with a pin or a pattern

I can´t exactly tell why, but for some reason it is working at the moment.
I was not aware of the your last point, and paid more attention to “unlocking” each finerprint with a specific app used. Probably my problem was laying here. Thank´s for your fast reply!

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